Blank Brand was recently featured in an article in the quarterly magazine for Marylhurst University. I teach a design studio there, and worked with SideXSide Creative from Seattle to write a short feature about the recent Kickstarter campaign that got Blank started.


The article is based around 5 quick tips for putting together your own Kickstarter campaign, along with some of the things that I learned during the process. For some time now, I have been trying to carve out a few minutes here and there to put together a more comprehensive write-up of my experience on Kickstarter, and the content of this article will be a great starting point.

In the near future I will putting together a case-study of sorts, cataloging my journey before, during, and after Kickstarter, as a reference for others who may be putting together their own crowd-funding project.

It was a fun experience working with Erik from SideXSide, and I’m honored that Blank was chosen to be featured as the University explores some of the work of their faculty.

You check out the article write-up (here), and you’re also welcome to view the entire issue online (here).

Thanks, Matt


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